Health insurance premiums and deductibles skyrocket!

What are you doing to prepare?

ExpertQuote Savings Solutions

We can save your company thousands as we've done for many, from start-ups to public companies.

We can do it while maintaining or improving your current benefits!

Stop paying the insurance company's overhead and profits.

ExpertQuote is saving employers 18% a year on benefit cost

We can limit company risk

We can limit company risk

Customize your plan

With ExpertQuote´s customized consulting services, Mercedes Benz of Fresno team members are enjoying benefits above industry standards and the company is saving more money to the bottom line versus traditional options.

Scott Biehl
Owner/Dealer Operator

Apigee could not be more pleased with the value the ExpertQuote team has added to our business. In my many years of experience, no other firm provides the level of service, care, and knowledge. I challenge you to give them a try. You´ll never look back!

Elizabeth Pate-Morton
Human Resources

Since adopting the ExpertQuote Partial Self Funding Solution, our firm has saved six figures on benefits expenditures.

Marc Parkinson,
Managing Partner

We have had a very positive experience with ExpertQuote Insurance, the team has consistently provided exceptional responsive service. They have also worked hard to provide solutions that control the ever increasing health care cost.

Susan Black
President and Chief Executive Officer

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ExpertQuote´s engagement in corporate citizenship

Through our partnership with our valued clients, we are able to execute on our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by donating a portion of our earnings to deserving causes that contribute toward the betterment of our community. Here are some of the outstanding organizations we have chosen to support: